All is Well

There is a fabulous movie called "Bubba Ho-Tep" starring Bruce Campbell that I never grow tired of watching. It is such fun and the end scene never fails to just plain make me feel good. As an old dying Elvis stares triumphantly up into the night sky, having just rescued his fellow rest home residents from having their souls sucked out by an ancient Egyptian mummy, an image consisting of 3 symbols comes into view and under the image is a message: "all is well." It always leaves me feeling amazingly peaceful. I wish there was a poster out there I could buy with this scene on it. Until I discover one, I put this little image together. Of course the only problem with a poster is that it wouldn't be accompanied by the music that goes along with this final scene of the movie- it's quiet and beautiful. So, maybe the answer is this: I'll just need to watch "Bubba Ho-tep" about a hundred more times. What a great thing to look forward to.

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Anonymous said...

All is Well. Thanks for the reminder.