Soapbox For a Minute

I don't believe God created animals for man to use. I don't believe we should enjoy animals dying or being treated cruelly. I am tired of sports stores with stuffed animals on display and photos of proud hunters and the animals they've killed. I am tired of people who hunt and glory in the kill. I don't like when people disregard animals. I don't like when people disregard the idea that animals have desires, feelings, wants; that they feel pain and joy. I am tired of hearing stories in the news of people torturing and killing animals. Cruelty and indifference, it makes me sick. So, I am going to create a series of paintings with animals as the subject. This is where animals belong. They belong in artwork that rejoices in their beauty, not in cages, beaten, or on a plaque. They deserve to be respected and treated kindly, as do we all. Thanks to Pete the cat teaching me about the feline world and for being a great example of the grace, intelligence and feeling all animals possess. Thanks to Ben for understanding when I rant and always being kind to me, Pete and all other creatures.

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