I Miss You

I lived in Hawaii for about 6 years and made an amazing friend, the ocean. Those of you out there who are lucky enough to have really gotten the ocean under you skin will understand the idea of it being a friend. About a year ago I went to visit my sister who now lives in Califonia. We went to the beach and as soon as I saw the Pacific Ocean it hit me just how much I had missed it. I felt like a really big geek but couldn't keep the tears from coming. So, this is for the Pacific Ocean, I miss you my friend.


Anonymous said...

I spent some time in San Felipe, and I now miss the Sea of Cortez. I appreciate your painting. It is lovely.

Kara Bang said...

How lucky to have spend some time with the Sea of Cortez, I bet it was wonderful. I am really glad you like my painting, thank you. I wish that there was some way that when we miss the ocean the most we could somehow suddenly be there for a little visit.