Newly completed pattern and seahorse

This is a pattern that I just finished for a well known shoe company. They also have a great line of clothing. It wasn't chosen, but I really like it, I think it's fun to look at because there is more happening than first meets the eye. I took the name of the company out because this is an ongoing project. However, since this one is out, I don't think there is any harm in showing it.

Also, this seahorse was submitted as an idea for a t-shirt design several years ago. I just found it cleaning out some folders on my desktop and really think it's fun, so here it is as well.


Chuck Workman said...

I guess I'm just not getting the shoe company thing...I only see sailboats. As for the very pink seahorse, I like it! He's all emaciated...but in the good way...zombie seahorse! You and I should do something with that. I don't know if Ben would be into naming our publishing company that.

Kara Boulden said...

Only sailboats? It appears that maybe it's been too long since you played hidden picture games! :) There are also dudes surfing, waves and surf boards.

This particular company (It rhymes with Smechers)is best known for their shoes but has quite an extensive clothing line. They are fantastic fun to work with.

Zombie seahorse, I like it!

Kara Boulden said...

I must add: I LOVE the whispy bits on the seahorses back. Yikes that's fun to me!