Interesting People

Where are we "allowed" to get inspiration from? I did a search in Google images. I typed in "interesting people" and found a picture of a old round man's head and loved it. So I drew it. I like it. I like the balance of lights and darks. I can stare at this and enjoy this balance for hours if time permits. I feel this is a fine way to find inspiration. Is it any different than taking a random strangers picture, going home and sketching it? Or sketching in a park? Or drawing a building and calling my drawing mine when I am not the architect of the building in my drawing? I think in today's society we spend too much time trying to decide what belongs to whom in the realm of "intellectual property." I think we find inspiration where we find it. Spend less time worrying about what you are allowed to be inspired by and more time being inspired. That's my philosophy.

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